Hello everyone! We are hosting a giveaway to celebrate the grand opening date of our pokemon league! This giveaway will go until October 18th, which is our start up date!

Grand prize winner will receive a custom built shiny competitive pokemon. The grand prize winner will be able to pick the IVs, moves, egg moves, abilities, and nickname for their custom poke.

Three runners up will receive a shiny competitive Charizard, Rotom-Wash, or Greninja. The 2nd place winner will get the first pick, 3rd place will get second pick, and 4th place will receive the remaining pokemon. These three pokemon are kalos born and nicknameable. 

How to enter
There are two ways to enter!

1)To be eligible for the grand prize and runner up prizes you must sign up to be a challenger. League battles will begin October 18th. For more information on applying, check our “How to Apply” page here:

Those who apply to be a challenger AND reblog+follow us will receive two entries into the drawing. 

2) OR you can simply reblog the post and follow us. People who do this, but don’t apply to be a challenger, are only eligible for the runner up prizes. 

Winners will be chosen on October 18th. Goodluck everyone!